Water cut

The taglio a getto d'acqua è una tecnologia di taglio che utilizza un getto d'acqua ad altissima pressione (as far as 7.000 bar) for cutting numerous materials.

Steel is an alloy consisting mainly of carbon and iron. The technique of water cutting on steel is appreciated for the possibility of obtaining, thanks to the adjustment of the cutting speed, smooth surfaces and well finished edges, without modifying in any way the metallurgical components of the base material.

It is no coincidence that steel is often used for the kitchen worktop for which maximum precision and accuracy are required in order to obtain tailor-made work. Quality, these, certainly achievable with the water jet technique.

Main advantages of water jet cutting:

  • the cooling action of the water jet, which removes heat from the parts being processed
  • the greater durability of the tool it cuts, who, not being solid, it cannot wear out or dull after a certain number of processes, therefore it should not be replaced or sharpened as it would happen instead, eg, in the case of a blade or a drill bit