The stainless steel welding process is performed by our company's certified welders, and the welds are divided into 3 types:

  • TIG: The welding of stainless steel with the TIG method (Tungsten Inert Gas) it is the most suitable when you want to create impeccable quality joints. Not only, it is ideal for welding steel pieces with very low thickness, thanks to the precision of the procedure. TIG welding takes place with an electric arc immersed in a protective atmosphere of inert gas, the tungsten in fact.

  • ME: When, on the other hand, a very high production rate is required, the most suitable stainless steel welding is MIG (Metal Inert Gas), that is, a further type of wire welding with an inert gas cover. In addition to conditions of high productivity, welding of stainless steel with the MIG method is perfect even when great flexibility of use is required.

  • Coated electrode welding: In the end, when it comes to welding stainless steel with a coated electrode process, we mean a process in which the weld pool is protected by a slag. The advantages are certainly the low costs of the equipment and the versatility of use.