The PRESSURE tanks are available in two types, pressure tanks called “sparkling” and pressure tanks called “autoclave”. The “sparkling” pressure tanks are suitable for the process of carbonating, sparkling and storage of wines added with carbon dioxide (Co2). They are tested from 1 to 2.5 bar with PED testing. They can be temperature-controlled and isolated. They can be equipped with a stainless steel or ceramic porous candle to perform injections of

Co2. Tanks with “sparkling” pressures are an excellent solution for making white wines sparkling without using high-pressure tested gas-fired or gas-fired appliances installed at bottling plants. The “sparkling” pressure tanks are designed to create slightly sparkling wines in a short time. “Autoclave” pressure tanks allow sparkling wines with the Charmat-Martinotti method, with pressure from 3 to 10 bar. The tanks are equipped with PED testing. “Autoclave” pressure tanks can be equipped with air conditioning and insulation cavities to also perform tartaric stabilization. “Autoclave” pressure tanks are designed to refer to and sparkle wines and store sparkling wines.



A) Air vent system.

B) Gas intake group
complete with: porous candle in
stainless steel sintered, valve
non-return stainless steel, stainless steel valve
spiked with hose connector all
mounted on DIN connection.



SM INOX guarantees highly customizable tanks, but proposes models equipped with standard accessories that guarantee maximum product efficiency. The standard accessories for FBFB tanks are as follows:
– AISI 304 ladder support.
– Total discharge on bottom and partial discharge with connections for valves.
– AISI 304 lifting eyebolts.
– Identification plate.
– External veined BA finish.